first blog inlegg... cant believe it!

Postet av Jonas Veland den 4. Okt 2019

finally; my dream's come true!! How long, have i waited for this dream.... to come true! but alas! here i AM - on my first post for my first blog inlegg ever! Cant wait to see what the future has in a store... as grandmother used to say (before she became crazy... i dont really feel like i even know her anymore. she just sits in her chair all day... looking at the chickens...), "greatness awaitness".. oh grandma.. .you poor seoul.. so anyway... we will see what the future of blog posts will bring. i want to thanks all my followers for being benighted.... it is unbelieaveaeuble... trully... good night to you all... and may you have a *readful* morning! 

like a wise man juance said: "the sun is rising.... somewhere"


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