Mot (2011)

Av: Taran L. Bjørnstad , Harald Rosenløw Eeg , Sverre Henmo , Hans Petter Laberg , Charlotte Glaser Munch , Annette Münch , Lars Mæhle , Renate Nedregård , Ingelin Røssland

What is opposition? When do you show opposition? What are you opposed against? Who do you oppose? Who is opposed to you? Nine of Norway's top writers of young peoples' literature were given the word 'opposition', and this anthology is the result. Aron makes off with a cardboard box of kittens. Boye finds a can of spraypaint and does something he shouldn't. Erling feels like he's playing a game he doesn't know the rules to. Emma won't accept an apology from her headteacher. Thomas is the hero of the hour. Or is he...? Magnus wants to be one of the boys, and tonight he has to prove that he has what it takes. "She" stands at the window, naked from the waist up. So that he'll see her. "He" stands there - not able to do anything else... Someone wants to fight, but "I" don't want to any longer. "I" want something else entirely.

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