Magic Bleeds (2010-05-25)

Av: Ilona Andrews

In an Atlanta caught between magic and technology, every dark corner hides a danger. And when a fight breaks out at the Steel Horse bar, a local hangout right between shapeshifter and necromancer territory, Kate Daniels, working for the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid, is sent to investigate the aftermath.What she finds is an opponent more powerful, ancient, and deadly than she's ever seen; and way beyond her power to fight, known as The City Eater. She could ask for backup from Curran, the Beast Lord – but he just stood her up for their date. No way does he get out of that trouble by a nice, easy death. Not only that, but this fight is personal: because Kate soon discovers that the City Eater is family....

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Karoline Lygre vurdert det 10/5/2019

Fjerde bok i Kate Daniels-serien. Serie som er verdt å sjekke ut dersom du liker sterke kvinnelige hovedroller og overnaturlige elementer.

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