Don't Forget Me (2017-10-04)

Av: Judy Corry

Sparks are flying between these best friends. Could a practice kiss change everything?Seventeen-year-old Eliana Costa has never kissed a guy. Her best guy friend, Jess, is more than willing to help her out. He has plenty of experience since he finds a new girlfriend every other week. But when a practice kiss brings on feelings Eliana hadn't bargained for, her already messy life is thrown into a new level of chaos. Life is already more than she can handle after her dad's disappearance. Eliana worries that if she admits her feelings to Jess, she just might lose her best friend. And right now, a best friend is all she needs. But when another girl tries to date Jess, Eliana is forced to decide if taking a chance on love is worth the risk. Don't Forget Me is the second stand-alone book in The Ridgewater High series, a collection of simmering YA contemporary romances. If you like sweet romance with ballad-worthy chemistry, swoony kisses and endearing characters then you'll love Judy Corry's latest book.Read all the books in this series Meet Me There (Ashlyn and Luke)Don't Forget Me (Eliana and Jess)It Was Always You (Lexi and Noah)My Second Chance (Juliette and Easton)My Mistletoe Mix-Up (Raven and Logan)Coming Summer 2019 Forever Yours (Alyssa and Jace)

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