The halloween tree (2000)

Av: Ray Bradbury , Joe Mugnaini

A thousand pumpkin smiles look down from the Halloween Tree, and twice-times-a-thousand fresh-cut eyes glare and wink and blink, as Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud leads the eight children - no, nine; but where is Pipkin? -on a leaf-tossed, kite-flying, gliding, broomstick-riding trip to learn the secret of All Hallow's Eve. And they do. Ray Bradbury has written a classic tale of mystery and imagination that will delight all his admirers.

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Madeleine vurdert det 10/6/2019

A short, fun and thrilling Halloween read, but I think it is better suited for kids. It still gave me the nostalgic feel of Halloween that I got when I was a kid.

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